Die drei ??? - Unter Verdacht

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- German language only –
The Three Investigators are ready to deal with a new case! Jupiter, Peter and Bob embark on an old paddle-steamer to find themselves right in the middle of an exciting mystery.
Actually, the three master detectives would like to get some relaxation; however, the next case is already waiting for them. The paddle-steamer is being haunted by a mysterious thief! Some of the people aboard seem to have a finger in every pie: taciturn Benjamin Biggs, the ship’s cook; Monty Star, a notorious bon-vivant; or self-styled party queen Cyntia Cicero… The series of thefts turns out to be a very tricky case, as the number of suspicious persons keeps growing – and finally, even the three detectives themselves are suspected. Help the Three Investigators solve this mystery – catch the perpetrator!
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