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Ankimore is a flash card application that supports memorization of you.
It is ideal for learning the words and phrases of a foreign language.
You can memorize efficiently even some free time.
By sorting using the Leitner system, you can focus on learning of words that you do not remember.
Please download the word book free from the site, or to create a word book on your own.
You can create word book on your smartphone, either on the site.
You can import word book from Quizlet.
Rather than learn by rote the contents of the card, put on the head to see every day.
To learn by viewing efficiently in a short time the card that you do not remember.
[Main Function]
Add, change or delete a word book.
Import word book. (You can create a cards on or And you can import its.)
Sorting of card. (by Leitner system)
Slidehow of card

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