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First Grade Math Learning Game

パブリッシャー: boriol
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Play to learn math in the most entertaining way, combining operations and activities with our funny pictures (seabed , mermaid , beach , submarine, fish , oceans, ... )
It has 50 different games to learn math in first grade, divided into :
- Add.
- Subtract.
- Fractions (with building blocks and pizzas).
- Count.
- Currencies ( EUR / USD / GBP / JPY / KRW / MXN).
- Geometry (polygons and polyhedra ).
- Time ( analog clock, days of the week ).
Learn math with BORIOL!
Kids will love this game because it shows numbers, operations , polygons , watches, ... with a nice interface . You 'll like it too because this app it is based on the curriculum of first grade .
Easy to play . You have the option of unlimited play . You can see your progress step by step .
Suitable for children 5-8 years. You can play without internet connection.
✔ First graders (preschool kids, kindergarten or 2nd graders, too)
✔ Parents for daily homework
✔ Teachers in the classroom
✔ Homeschoolers
Games adapted for tablets of 10", 8" and 7 ". Also for smartphones.
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Available in English, Spanish, Catalan, German, Japanese, Italian, French , Portuguese, Korean

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