Watch TV Plus+ (Watch and Record 100's of Live TV Channels)

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At home or abroad, watch the "Watch-TV" Apps everywhere.
Most of the "Watch TV Plus+" Apps’ programming is free.
“Watch TV Plus+” offers more than 600 channels including fashion, travel, comedy and news.  Most of the programming is free.
We host over 45 000 Video-On-Demand (VOD) titles.
We offer a variety of other programming as well, including: Sports, News, Lifestyle, Movies, Shopping, Kids, Fashion, Lifestyle, Food and Wine, Cars, Business, (more), from Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada (in Canada), France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Middle Eastern countries, Russia, UK; including Radio stations, Podcasts, VOD & more; all Free!
There are plenty of choices beyond broadcast channels.
As you travel the World, your antenna line up will change, allowing you access to other geolocations (if you're there).
Travellers will appreciate TV channels from their home countries.
Please visit Space Viz to learn more!
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