Flappy 2048

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What would Happen if Flappy Bird merged with 2048? Here is your answer!
Flappy 2048, Flap your wings and Jump through the Tiles and try to reach the 2048 Tile, the ultimate mix of flappy birds and 2048 number puzzle game! Happy or Floppy 2048 is a Simple, Addictive, Amazing , Free and Enjoyable Arcade game!
How to Play:
- Tap to flap the wings of Tiles to fly.
- Collide with the same Tile to Grow up.
- Reach the 2048 Tile in Game.
- Compete with your Facebook and Twitter friends.
- Unlimited with 1024 , 2048 or 4096 , Enjoy your Endless Combo!
Game Features:
- HD Version, nice & clean UI, Smooth gaming experience.
- Well-designed Game Tutorial, Easy to learn, Fun to play, Tough to master!
- Global Ranking, Share your Highscores and Contest with players all over the world!
- Achievements, 10 Trophies for you to collect!
- Facebook Share, Show your Best Tiles on Facebook!
- Twitter Share, Show your Best Tiles on Twitter!
- Supports all devices including tablets.
- Frequent game improvements based on your feedback
Go and have a challenge!
NB: Before you begin playing Flappy 2048,be sure that the battery is fully charged. Good Luck :)

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