Action Basket

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Playing basketball has never been so easy and fun.
Whether you like basketball or not you'll enjoy this great game of basketball.
Challenge yourself and your friends to get as many baskets as possible in the fixed time.
With each basket you can get points and extra time.
Make the most of the points and stars to unlock the different levels that allow you to access the amazing basketball courts playing in different scenarios.
In each new basketball court the difficulty is increased and you will find different elements that will challenge your ability with the ball and that will make you will enjoy the most.
You can also unlock different types of basket balls.
The different options of this basketball game allow you to change the orientation of the basket, use a slingshot for the shots and to select the scoreboard type.
Share your scores on Twitter and Facebook.
You can publicate your scoring, check the ranking and challenge your friends.
- Easy to play and fun basketball game.
- Amazing courts to play basketball: street, beach, office, night, roof, school, etc. (new basketball courts will be added soon).
- Great realistic movements of the ball and the basketball hoop.
- Good sound effects and music.
- 4 different levels on each court. In each level you’ll have a different number of simultaneous balls.
- Different elements and effects on each court (birds, fire, different baskets, etc..). Discover them!
- 6 different types of basket balls and nets that you can unlock with stars collected. Special types of balls and nets for the office court.
- 2 different type of scoreboard.
- A slingshot for more powerful shots to the basket.
- You can publicate your score in the ranking of Action Basket.
- You can share your scores with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.
Remember: every time you want to take some basketball hoops and have fun playing basketball, play Action Basket.
Feel the action of basketball. Enjoy it!

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