TOEIC presents English Upgrader

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This is an English learning app offered by the TOEIC governing body in Japan, the Institute for International Business Communication (IIBC).
Based on English skits from various situations, such as business and everyday life, it consists of collections of phrases, phrase explanations, comprehension quizzes, etc.
You can download your favorite episodes one story at a time, gain access to new episodes as well as receive announcements of TOEIC tests schedules.

1 Episode is 15-20 minutes. This section consists of:
・English conversation skits
・Japanese explanations of phrases that come up in the skits
・Quizzes to check your comprehension of the content of the skits
・Phrase review
・Japanese translations of the skits
Also, since you can listen while looking at the script (switchable between English / Japanese translation), you can hear the sounds as well as check spelling.

Contains the following:
・English conversation skits
・”Knowledge Check Quiz” to measure how much of the content of the skits you understand
・”3-choice phrase quiz” to test how many of the phrase meanings you understand correctly
Both types of quizzes also contain a correction function so you can quickly check your accuracy.
It is also possible to listen to the skits while looking at the script.

You can check the pronunciation, meaning and sample sentences for phrases from all of the episodes in the ‘phrase list’ in English Upgrader.
This ”TOEIC presents English Upgrader” app uses popular pod casts ranked number one in the iTunes store and arranges them to enhance your English study.
The contents of this app have no relation to the contents of the TOEIC test. They are to help you learn English.

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