Puzzle For Toddlers Free - Games for kids 1,2,3 years old

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- A game for kids 1-4 years old!
Welcome to Puzzle for toddlers - a fun and educational puzzle for children between the ages 1-4 years! There are 36 different puzzles with over 80 different animals, cars, robots and music instruments to choose from.
Puzzle for toddlers is a free game for kids. Your child will easily move the puzzle pieces by dragging on the screen. When a puzzle is completed there will be a funny animation of an animal or a car and a cheering noise is played.
All the puzzles have varying degrees of difficulty and aims to train your child's logical thinking as well as being really fun and entertaining.
The interface is well defined, interactive and excellently designed to suit kids and toddlers - all in English.
Kids games are a great way for the child and parent to have a fun time together, while learning something along the way, for example animals and cars. Toddlers and kids quickly learn to use Puzzle for toddlers by themselves and then it can be used to keep a toddler or a kid occupied during a car trip or any other time.
Puzzle for toddlers is a free kids game best suited for kids aged 1, 2 or 3 years old. The game is a great way for small children to learn words and animal sounds.
There are over 36 different puzzles of animals, cars, robots and music instruments in this fun game for kids.
The app has been carefully tested by children 1, 2 and 3 years old. We believe all apps for kids should be tested on kids during development.
- A fun app for kids
- Puzzles specifically chosen for kids and toddlers
- Optimized for kids 1, 2 and years old
- Carefully tested on both phones & tablets
- Free to download
Puzzle for toddlers is brought to you by Tappy Happy, creators of highly popular games and apps for kids and toddlers 1-4 years old. All our apps and games for kids are free from banners and advertising.

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