I learn writing capital letters - Audio, visual & verbal method

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Every child is unique and is learning in its own way. Serpodile offers a new method for learning capital letters writing by decomposing the 26 letters of the alphabet in 9 basic shapes (straight up line, upside down hook ...) using visual and audio directions.
First the child learn how to draw basic shapes, then by listening to the "lesson mode" he will learn which basic shapes compose a specific letter.
Once the child have learn how to draw a letter with the colorful images he can raise the difficulty by trying to draw the letters on the outline shapes.
An help screen gives audio and drawing directions to use the app.
Each screen includes :
* A colorful frame to help children orient themselves in space (ground, sky, beginning/green, ending/red )
* A letter or a basic shape
* Verbal instructions to draw the letter or basic shape
* A green arrow showing where to start and a red dot showing where to stop
* The "lesson mode" giving visual and verbal instructions to draw the letter or basic shape
* A "padlock" to train a specific letter many times
* A carefully crafted minimalistic interface helps children stay focused. Even the interface hide itself during drawing.
The drawing direction is checked by the app. While the drawing is not done correctly, the child is corrected until he succeeds.
This method has been build and tested by occupational therapists (OT). This method is particularly adapted for children having disabilities like dyspraxia and autism, but is of course of great help for children just trying to learn to write capital letters.
This application is a digital version of an existing writing method available as erasable workbooks at http://serpodile.com.
In our opinion, your privacy matters more than some marketing statistics. This app does not contain any sort of tracking code, nor does it collect nor transmit any data on the usage of our app. This app does not contain in-app purchase.

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