Amazing Spider Puzzle Bobble

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Spider Boy Puzzle Bobble is a free, addictive, bubble pop game that will have you making an explosion for hours on end! With the Spider Boy Web attack and this game will challenge your mind and create a bubble mania that will leave you craving for more levels and more than one bubbles bust! You will have a blast with your Spider Boy by going through this bubble quest, which is a sure-fire way to keep both adults and children occupied and entertained!
This bubble buster game consists of 650 levels in single player mode and 100 levels in arcade mode. You also have the option of playing your bubble quest not only by yourself, but also against your electronic device! Every level that you progress in this Spider Boy Puzzle Bobble game tests your skills as it becomes increasingly more difficult to cause a bubbles blast. The position of the balls change each level in this bubble mania to ensure that your bubbles adventure is continually enjoyable as well as challenging. You also have the ability to share your progress of this game with your friends and family through Facebook.
The goal of this Spider Boy Puzzle Bobble is to remove all of the balls from the center of the screen before they reach the ground by creating a bubble blast. Helped by Spider Boy and his special skill, you must shoot various colors of web balls towards the corresponding color of web balls above in order to create a bubble blast. The special tool is an awesome bubble buster that will always show you the color of the next bubble you must hit. This gives you the opportunity to plan ahead for your next Spider Puzzle Bobble Rescue fight. These same-color balls (that are also web balls) must be in clusters of at least 3 in order for them to make the bubble pop and disappear. If you missed the balls you were aiming at and were not able to be a winner, the ball you shot will be added to the existing web balls. This can help you even if you do not have three web balls of the same color in a cluster yet. This gives you the opportunity to add web balls to create your own cluster of balls and form your own huge bubbles explosion. If you do not prevent the web balls from reaching the ground, you will be required to restart the level to rescue New York from web balls. As you progress through the game, the levels will continue to get more and more difficult, thus requiring you to think and react faster in order to use your spider boy to rescue New york city web balls.
This game contains a bubble mania that will keep both adults and children completely entertained for hours on end! With this addictive bubble adventure consisting of over 700 bubbles break levels, your bubble quest will test your skills as the difficulty increases with every level. As the bubbles explode over the surface of your electronic device, you will already be searching for your next move in hopes of creating another incredible bubbles explosion! Download this app today to test your skills and enjoy the adventure in Spider Boy rescuing New York city from web balls!

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