Monster Numbers: Math learning games for kids in elementary school

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Monster Numbers is an excellent educational game for learning mathematics for kids: addition and subtraction, times tables, multiplication, sequences and division, mental-math calculations and problem solving for k-12 school.
A fun edutainment application. Run, jump, count, add, substract, multiply and divide to win. It's an actual game! More than 2,300 downloads the second day of its release in the USA!
Highly adaptable edutainment design! It is suitable for all ages!

- Ages: 4-5:
Children from ages 4 and 5 will find age appropriate games to match their maturing level in mathematics: counting coins, logical sequences, number recognition, association quantity and numbers, sums of sets of coins.
- Ages: 6-7:
Children ages 6 and 7 practice math activities: logical sequences, additions without regrouping, subtraction with coins and subsequently subtraction without regrouping.

-Ages: From 8 years old:
From age 8 the math game consists of: mental arithmetic additions of two-digit numbers, mental math subtraction, times tables, multiplication, division, and more complex logical sequences.


Monster Numbers aims to mix fun with learning, therefore, if you use it in school we recommend to let the child play freely through the different levels. The difficulty in the math operations, additions and subtractions, multiplications, division, sequences and counting of coins, is adjusted automatically and depends on their mistakes and successes. So: don't help! Let them learn math in an autonomous way!!
Many teachers of k-12 school and parents use Monster Numbers as a reward for well-done tasks for their students or children. If they have correctly completed mandatory work in school then they are allowed to play Monster Numbers.
The best part is children will engage in learning math without realizing, due to the great adventure they are experiencing with Tob the squirrel. Our squirrel is lost in the world of Monster Numbers and the children: WILL HAVE TO COME TO THE RESCUE!!!!

To do this they must overcome countless obstacles and try to recover Tob’s spacecraft pieces. They can jump, run, slide, fly, shoot, all while doing fun math calculations that can always be adapted to your level.

They’ll live an exciting adventure all while learning.
Monster Numbers can be played by boys and girls ages 4 and up.
Designed by EducaGames, fashioned by psychologists and professionals with extensive experience in the educational field.
With Monster Numbers your child will learn math without realizing it.
You won’t be disappointed!!

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