Green Garden Waterfall - Meditate in the Peaceful garden

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“It's a very subtle, gentle water sound”
“I want to be in this beautiful park for real but no problem even this app is very close to being in a peaceful park and I can relax myself so well with it”
Meditating with the sound of water and greenery has always been a best practice for the people who attain the peace of mind. Green garden water fall displays a beautiful view of the peaceful garden that is surrounded with lush green trees and a layered waterfall above a pond in the center.
Listening to sound of water falling and leaves rustling in a quiet environment makes it’s better to listen, and is even recommended to enjoy the optimal sound quality. With the HD view and clear crisp sound let this app become your best friend when it comes to meditation and relaxation sessions.
*Empirical Studies*
Research shows that from the behavioral standpoint an average human mind goes through 4 stages of sleep starting from stage 1, light sleep to stage 4. This app is developed to take you through the stages of sleep with the calming music and the noise cancelling ambience.
*Additional features*
To make the app more suitable for meditating it has an option to load most liked music from the gallery to play along or just choose from meditating music that is pre-loaded. You can also adjust the brightness according to your preference.

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