Parkur Vec - Crazy Agent Jump Free Simulator

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An exciting arcade-style infiniti jump parkur game
Parkur(Parkour) Vec - Crazy Agent Jump is an exciting, arcade-style jump game featur you as agent vec(aka agent vector), as the exceptional free runner who won't be held down by the crazy agent system.
This free game opens with a view into a crazy parkur world where free and freedom is nothing more than a distant jump crazy dream.
But the parkur heart of a free man as agent vec(aka agent vector) is strong, and he(agent vec aka vector) soon break out free!
Run, jump, and double jump over using crazy simple and easy techniques based on the urban agent vec sprot of Parkour all while avoiding jump into walls and crash to agent's end
Inspired by the famous mirror's edge game, (Parkur)Parkour agent Vector's intuitive controls please players of crazy simple jump fun
Game Features:
-Arcade gameplay from hit casual game
-Astoundingly lifelike Parkour(Parkur)-inspired moves
-Quick to learn, forever to play
the great simple and easy parkour action game! Agent Vector lets your break free and jump! Don't get crashed!

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