Skate Board Trivia

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Skate Board Trivia is completely FREE to download!
Show your Skateboard skills to win the game at Skate Board Trivia.
At this Skate Board Trivia, if you love skater boy type of games, don't miss this skate games application.
Skateboarding Rules:
The first skater will attempt his trick, if he lands it and it is deemed an acceptable landing then everybody else must do that exact same trick. Anybody who doesn't land the trick, or their landing is deemed unacceptable then they get a letter, "S" being the first letter, "K" being the second "A" being the third etc .... until the word "S-K-A-T-E" is spelled out. Any person who gets the whole word "SKATE" is eliminated.
After everybody who is playing attempts the first players trick, the first player attempts a different trick. If he lands it the entire process is repeated. If the first player misses his trick then the second player gets to attempt a trick if he lands it everybody else has to land that same trick, if anyone landing is deemed unacceptable then they get a letter.
It's easy to play and fun that everyone can play for Skate Board Trivia.

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