Baby Hero 3D - Super Babsy Kid (Free)

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Run and fly with this amazing baby hero. This somewhat clumsy baby is having some sort of nightmare where her room has been littered with obstacles and laser rays.
As the baby does not fear anything he will simply transform himself into a superhero and face the dangerous situation head on. It is will be your task to guide these cute, little, flying, baby through all kinds of obstacles to get out of this bad dream and wake up.
Simply choose your favorite costume and start the adventure with your flapping mantle.
You can choose between some fantasy characters like super baby, super baby girl, a fairy, the flappy bee human, a masked ninja warrior etc.
- Wonderful high-resolution graphics
- An amazing steeplechase
- Simple one touch controls: Touch to fly
- Choose your superhero
- Easy and fun to play
- Nice background music
How to Play:
- Tap anywhere on the screen to fly
- Keep the finger pressed on the screen to fly at max height
Rush through the room, collect as much coins as you can and try to get as far as you can to establish a new record (best score).

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