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Princess Nail Salon Makeover

パブリッシャー: mGamey
価格: 4.99 USD


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Hi girls. Take a look at this new princess nails design. As you know nails are very important when you are about to have a meeting. Every girl should take care of her nails and try to keep them always beautiful and neat. In this manicure game you will lean all steps to make a great manicure. You must start with a treatment applied on the hands to make them smooth and shiny. After the treatment you will start to paint the nails. You have a lot of colors you can use and then apply on every nail some glitter or nail accessory. Follow the instruction with a lot of attention and finally your nails must look awesome. It is a special nail art game because you can paint the nails as you like. Enjoy and leave us a review if you like it!

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