Toy Egg Surprise - Toy Prize Collecting game

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Toy Egg Surprise – Toy Prize Collecting Game
Series 2 Now out, which adds another 50 toy eggs to open!!
Toy Egg Surprise is a free super fun Toy collecting game where every day will feel like your birthday as you get as much yummy chocolate and toy surprises as you can open!
***how to Play***
drop a coin into the toy egg surprise machine and watch your yummy chocolate egg drop down. pick up your exciting new candy egg and rip off the foil and eat all that delicious candy chocolate so your left with your egg surprise, pop it open to reveal like by magic a brand new toy prize.
You also get your very own toy collectors room where you can show of all your cool new toys to your family and friends.
There are 100 different toy prizes to collect including:
toy diamond rings, toy monsters, toy robots, toy castles, cute toy animals, wooden toy vehicles, toy space rockets, toy baby chicks and much more!
Toy Egg Surprise is great fun for all ages and suitable for both boys and girls.

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