Dream On Ringtone and Alert

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Dream On is the popular Song by Aerosmith - Steven Tyler
You Can
- Set the your Default ringtone, assign to a specific Contact, and/or set as an Alarm.
- Set a short Dream On Song as a TEXT/Notification Alert.
This is the highest quality digitally rerecorded version of the Original Song.
It is very simple to maximize your use of this song ringtone -
- Just download and open your Dream On Ringtone app
- You will see two items 1 - Dream On Ringtone and 2 - Dream On Song Alert Tone
- You can preview the file before making it your Default ringtone, assign to a Contact or set as an Alarm
- You can also set as an Alert tone so when you receive text and email etc, your phone will ring with a very short version
KW - Music Soundtrack Guitar, Album - Aerosmith

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