Beautiful Beachside - Enjoy Beach at Home

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The feeling is the best when the sand tickles in between your toes as your feet are gently washed by the tide. The misty air that you breathe in and the sandy view that you have across your sight makes you forget all the worries. Beautiful Beachside is a view of different beaches that makes a wonderful scenic for you to enjoy. The beaches display a sandy shore, palm trees that are raised high, the mountains that holds the beaches in them and the green view of the nature. This app will surely make you feel as if you are actually in this beautiful place. To make it a perfect app, it has an option to use background music pre-loaded in app or add custom tracks from your music library (for kindle Fire only) to enjoy with the views. You can also use custom frames and color effects to enhance the beauty of the scenery. If you want to relax while using this app or even want to sleep set the sleep timer and the app will shut down its self automatically.

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