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Custom weather theme is a customized weather ambience generator for your screen. It gives you an option to select the type of weather that you want to enjoy. This app is loaded with the options to display rain, snow and fog on your screen or select them all to play at once. Enjoy your favorite weather at any time of the year.
Visual meditation is a widely used technique for meditation, this app is designed for you to mediate or even perform yoga while watching and listening to the sound of the rain, snow and fog on your screen. Free yourself from the worries of life and other hurdles and let yourself free.
*Empirical Studies*
Research shows that from the behavioral standpoint an average human mind goes through 4 stages of sleep starting from stage 1, light sleep to stage 4, deep sleep and takes about 90 to 110 minutes to complete the cycle. To help the users sleep easily while playing the app and also closing the app after they sleep, sleep timer is added so you can set the time until you normally fall asleep and reach start your sleep cycle easily.
*Additional features*
To make the app more suitable for meditating and yoga it has an option to load most liked music from the gallery to play along (in kindle Fire only) or just choose from meditating music that is pre-loaded. You can also adjust the brightness and apply effects according to your preference.

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