Rooftop Zig Ninja Car Dude Stickman Games For Kids

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Help your not dumb stickman drive the sports car and run the rooftop levels of madness and live to see another day. He's under attack He has only one power in his car, the ability to do zig zag turn, if you fall you do backflip turn. Awesome power :)
Zig zag to past roof and walls, find ways to safety and dont die. Addictive dumb fun in Not Dumb Stickman 3 : Kill Him Dash.
- Different layouts and dangers in each level, try to find different ways and don't die.
- Amazing levels
- Cool doodle stickman style art
- Simple proof controls; everyone can play this game easily.
- Please support us in 3 ways; download, rate, and share. Thank You!
This is doodle stickman madness at it's best.
Have fun and dont die ;)

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