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Vital Tones VR is a powerful brain wave Vision Recovery (VR) treatment for improving eye / vision disorders related with the visual system.
Vision is generated by photoreceptors in the retina, a layer of cells at the back of the eye. The information leaves the eye by way of the optic nerve, and there is a partial crossing of axons at the optic chiasm. After the chiasm, the axons are called the optic tract. The optic tract wraps around the midbrain to get to the lateral geniculate nucleus (LGN), where all the axons must synapse. From there, the LGN axons fan out through the deep white matter of the brain as the optic radiations, which will ultimately travel to primary visual cortex, at the back of the brain.
The primary visual cortical receiving area is in the occipital lobe.
Next to occipital lobe, nearly the entire caudal half of the cerebral cortex through ventral pathway and dorsal pathway is dedicated to processing visual information.

Vital Tones VR consist of 3 different sessions.
• Session 1 stimulates:
- the pulvinar
- the basal ganglia
- the occipital cortex
- the substantia nigra
- the BA37, BA39, BA7
- the somatosensory eye
Session 1 is 22 minutes long.
• Session 2 stimulates:
- the optic chiasm
- the suprachiasmatic nucleus
- the lateral geniculate nucleus
- the optic nerve
- the superior colliculus

Session 2 is 22 minutes long.
• Session 3 stimulates:
- the abducens nerve
- the oculomotor nerve
- the trochlear nerve

Session 3 is 22 minutes long.
All sessions are needed to have a complete treatment!
This application requires large headphones or high quality earphones with Left and Right placed correctly !
Get ready for a total natural healing.
Enjoy your explorations.

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