My Little Maternity Baby Doctor Free Games For Kids

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Happiness and joy is all around in this game, which puts you in charge of delivering a beautiful baby!
Play in 5 different game stages and enjoy one of the most realistic and fun games around!
1 > Feed the pregnant mom fresh fruit, strawberries, raspberries, and fresh fruit juice to keep her healthy whilst waiting for her baby to arrive!
2 > Check on the mothers health using temperature thermometers, listen for heartbeat to check all is ok, keep her cool with a fan, and give her fresh oxygen!
3 > Use a pen to mark the area, scalpel to open, then perform a C-Section, then deliver the baby, cut the umbilical cord and clean baby with a towel so it is ready for mommy!
4 > Give baby their first bath, use baby shampoo, sponge gently, and a little toy for being so good!
5> Baby is now with mommy! You can dress them, then take a photograph and save it to your device, this is so cute!
So download it today and see how exciting this casual game is, for both kids and adults!

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