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Electric Stun Gun

パブリッシャー: Apps4you
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価格: トップ無料


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An application "Electric Stun Gun" will let you turn your phone into a simulator of the stun gun. An image of the real taser will show up on the screen. In the background the camera view will be displayed. Thanks to it, the phone will make an impression of transparent. You will have an impression, as if you were holding a real electroshock device.
How to use?
Press and hold the picture of electric shock device to start it. An animation of high voltage electricity coming from the top probe will show up. Pulsating vibration, electric sound and LED light flashing like a stroboscope (the option of flashing camera light available only on some devices) will make your friends believe in authenticity of the device - at least for a moment ;) If you think, that electricity effect is too weak go to Settings and set your own device voltage. Remember that you will gain the best visual effect using the application at night.
You can turn off the virtual stun gun at any moment by removing your finger from the picture of device.
Features of an application:
- realistic animation of electricity
- camera view in the background (transparent phone effect)
- an interesting visual effect by using camera backlight
- possibility of setting device voltage.

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