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Medieval Empire VR

パブリッシャー: AbsoLogix Technologies Limited
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価格: 0.99 USD


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Do you ever wondered how sword fight fought in Medieval times? want to see how the move or live under Medieval Empire? Here comes a special Medieval Empire VR Tour for you. Experience yourself walking in between the Greek soldiers. Civilians are chating with each other.
How to set things:
Play the demo on your smartphone
Put the Smartphone in Google cardboard glasses housing
Align your phone in center
Check for blurriness... rotate lens for proper focus
Wear your Google glasses and enjoy walking
Modes of Demo:
There are 2 modes to view the demo
1 VR Mode (requires Google Cardboard Glasses)
2 Single View
There are 2 controllers to view the demmo
1 With Gyroscope (Requires Gyroscope Sensor in your device) - works both for VR & Single Views
2 Touch Swipe (If you donot have Gyroscope Sensor... switch to Touch Swipe Option... now you can enjoy the demo with touch) - Works for Signle View
Automatic / Manual Movement
By default the visit of Medieval Empire will be automatic
when click "manually visit" you can by own move around to see the Medieval Empire .

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