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Calm Beach - Beautiful Beach Collection

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Beach is perfect place to calm your mind and wash away your worries of daily life. When the sound of the waves throbbing on the shore, the view of the deep blue water dazzle your sight and the cool ambience makes you never leave the beach. But you cannot stay there all the time, nor be there whenever you want so “Calm Beach” is created. It creates the perfect beach ambiance for you to relax as it features three views the first shows the beach with green shores and large mountains in afar, the second view features white sand beach with blue waves coming to the shore and leaving, the third view is the view of the beach with waves reflecting the sun and feels like lights traveling through the water. You can use default sounds or add custom music (For Kindle Fire only) in the background to modify your environment just as you like. Set various effects and frames to create the best ambiance to enjoy with your family and friends. Or you can apply sleep timer and sleep in the beach ambience.

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