Break Bricks

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Break Bricks Classic
Classic brick breaking puzzle game to play!
Discover the power of Break Bricks Classic today. Stunning music and stunning graphics for this new Arkanoid-like game. If you like brick breakers games, you will love Break Bricks Classic as it remains true to the best ones ever created while adding new features and options.
In this game, your goal is to destroy all colored bricks to level up. Some game items will boost your game progress.
Break Bricks Classic brings fresh challenges and unanticipated obstacles to breakout hunter age players around the world.

How to play:
Touch the bottom part of the screen to control the paddle to prevent the ball from hitting the bottom. Remove all the bricks to level up.
Game Features:
★ Over 200 free levels
★ Free Play and Challenge modes
★ 4 different modes of speed.
★ 4 kinds of themes
★ Nice, clean graphics and smooth game play

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