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Worm Tower Defenses

パブリッシャー: treis-arch
評価: 評価がありません
価格: 1.00 USD


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Suddenly an ancient relics that spread all over your kingdom has broken and a gigantic worms appear.
Protect your kingdom from a mysterious gigantic worms invasion, by building Towers and upgrading them.
Each worm is unique, some is using racing car tires to speed up it's movement, some are dressing as a nurse and heal any other worm nearby, some are gliding to avoid cannon attack, and many other kind of uniqueness.
There are many selection of tower, such as:
- Arrow Tower that shoot a fast arrow,
- Cannon Tower is able to do an area damage,
- Goldmine to collect gold that was needed to build Towers,
- and other kind of Towers.
But not only that, you can also upgrade your tower and skills to help you to protect your kingdom.

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