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Calculator Plus is the smart calculator. You can enter very long expression and calculate in one go!
This application is designed to help you in performing simple as well as scientific mathematical calculations in an easy way. The application consists of a 'Standard Calculator' with scrollable advance / scientific operations. It allows you to pick standard scientific constant values and use them in the calculations. You can copy the expression as well as answer from this calculator and paste anywhere outside the application.
It has all - standard arithmetic operations, trigonometry, logarithms, exponential, percent calculation, braces, memory storage and much more.
Calculator plus is a smart calculator application for your smart device. It keeps on observing the expression you enter and does not allow entering invalid expression. Therefore, it prevents the user from making unwanted mistakes. It keeps track of all your calculations and so you can retrieve and reference them any time in future.
The application is supported on almost all Android devices (Phones, Tablets, TVs) and works in portrait as well as landscape mode.
This is ad-free application.

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