NeoDeserter's PLUS

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評価: 評価がありません
価格: トップ無料


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Sorry , It consists of Japanese.
The person who understands Japanese can play.
There is hardly the behavior of a part of the 2015 summer model.
[Games Info]
How you can start from any appearance character of identity even, territory (fort) Suppression type strategy simulation game.
Degree of freedom is high, and anyone of the characters, I can start from any identity even.
In addition, there is no game over by the defeat, even down for the count is defeated, any number of times, it can be resurrected in any means.
How to play also wide-ranging, you can enjoy the perspective that differs depending on the player.
Itself aims to champion, to continue to support your favorite someone I'll to champion, to disrupting repeated betrayal, ... and so that it is not involved in the war away from the worldly.
Please try to find your favorite way to play.
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