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Gangster Rio City 3D: Vendetta

パブリッシャー: Amazing 3D Games
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価格: 22.99 USD


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Build your own crime business in Rio! Car theft, robberies, gun shots and even more in this ultimate crime simulator in 3D! Try Gangster Rio City: Vendetta and feel like a real criminal fighting against cops!
Join criminal world as a gangster! Start playing in the criminal underworld. The streets of Rio are full of gangs crooked cops and other low life scum. Dive into the gang warfare and hope nothing goes sour! Take up your gun and bullets and show your power as a real gangster Don! Battle against other criminals, steal cars, rob houses and fight against the police! What could be more entertaining than gun shots? Get to know with Gangster Rio City: Vendetta! Uncover your criminal talent shooting cops and other criminals, stealing cars and fighting against other gangsters! Don’t let cops catch you! Have you been to Rio? Explore it to the full with Gangster Rio City: Vendetta 3D game!
Complete different missions to prove your worth as a gangster don! Fight against other gangs to make your own the most powerful! Robberies, car thefts, breaking the law… Shoot other gang’s leader with all bullets take his place! Become real criminal don playing Gangster Rio City: Vendetta! Robberies, skirmishes, fighting with other criminals and even more in this ultimate 3D game!
Gangster Rio City: Vendetta features:
 Ultimate crime simulator in 3D
 Different missions – robberies, thefts, fighting and shooting tasks and even more
 Various guns, pistols and bullets to perform perfect headshots
 Attack other gangs to make your own the most powerful
 Extreme cop chases
 Realistic Rio to explore
Live the life of a criminal Don with Gangster Rio City: Vendetta 3D game! Explore criminal world full of car thefts, robberies, guns and other weapons! Complete dangerous missions to prove your worth as the most powerful gangster in whole Rio! Attack other gangs, kill criminal bosses and have fun breaking the law! Commit crimes, dodge bullets and build your own crime empire with Gangster Rio City: Vendetta game!

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