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Spy Girl Salon: Makeup and Dress Up - Full Version

パブリッシャー: Peachy Games LLC
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価格: 1.99 USD


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This dress up game for fashionistas offers a lot of cool make-up and clothing items so you can create a fun look for your virtual model. Since the job requires these girls to be secretive, they have to change up their look quite often. They do so by playing with various make up looks and hairstyles, as well as cool outfits and accessories, like sunglasses.
Test your fashionista skills by styling and dressing up these beauty girls in chic apparel and designing amazing makeup looks. If you can pull off a stylish look for these girls, then you truly have a good fashion sense.
Select your favorite of the 3 virtual models and use the beauty products at the spa salon. In this dressup game you can choose from many cool hairstyles of different styles and colors, from blonde to brunette to gradient. After hair comes make up, and you'll see some interesting makeup choices in this girls game. You can then accessorize and dress up the fashionista in different styles of suits, jackets, belts and shoes. Pick a gadget and robotic assistant for each beauty, and then it's time to go undercover, where you can select one of 3 backgrounds

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