Classic Piano

パブリッシャー: Andrzej Misiak
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You can learn and play piano anywhere and anytime in an easy and fun way :) Turn you mobile phone into real piano keyboard and learn to play piano!
Piano Classic is great app for everyone - kids, music beginners and even professional musicians!
In "Learn how to play" mode Piano Classic app will demonstrate you how to play each song.
Just follow the highlighted notes on piano tiles on the screen and you will be able to play many popular songs.
Then in the "Play mode" you can try to repeat it without any computer help!
The Piano Classic II includes songs composed by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart or Chopin, Verdi, Schubert, Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Strauss and other famous music artists!
Play popular melodies like Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas.
Use different instruments and play music on guitar, violin, flute.
Get as many points as possible for playing music and unlock all songs and instruments in our Classic Piano Store.
You are able to unlock hundreds of instruments i.e. electric piano, classic piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, jazz guitar or bass guitar.
Now you can feel like a real musical maestro by playing classical music written by Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Verdi, Schubert, Ravel, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Strauss.
Or create, record & share your own tracks and melodies from your mobile device.
Enjoy piano lessons over and over again and use our play schedule to plan your future music lessons!
Features of Piano Classic:
-very entertaining music application
-2 game modes : Learn how to play piano and Play mode
-a lot of songs available, for different genres: classical music, jazz, dance, pop, rock, rock and roll
-a lot of sample songs to play of popular artists and classical geniuses like Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart.
-write your own songs, music
-Piano Classic II includes option to record your song!
-adjustable piano keyboard width
-great sound of piano
-many instruments to choose i.e. classic piano, guitar, organes, violin and many more!
-multi touch playing
-touch pressure detecting in both game modes
-become a real musical maestro and play music written by Chopin, Bach, Beethoven, Verdi, Schubert, Ravel, Vivaldi, Wagner, Strauss.

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