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【Easy!NewsReader】is a RSS reader displayed leading portal site (Yahoo!JAPAN · livedoor · goo · Infoseek) RSS feeds can be reading easily.
■ such as during movement, so as to read comfortably
This is a fairly simple UI to read comfortably.such as during movement!
Of perfect for anyone who wants,to patrol each portalsite is annoying! and want to compared whether each portalsite is any treatment!
it is an application that you can easily check the topic of the news in Japan.
This app captures the address from Topics information of each portal site that is published in the RSS feed, and extracts the "article title," "image," "preamble" that has been set for the social public, it has delivered in the easy-to-read form you.
■ The usage is very simple.
Highlight a portal site in the upper of the tab, simply select the genre in the lower part of the tab. Then, news list is displayed in a few seconds. (When you open the app, initially appears major news of Yahoo)
After that you can check easily news flying When you tap the news anxious to each portal site.
In carrying receive your use of this app, tedious pre-tasks, such as account registration absolutely is not. The installed When available immediately.
In addition, this app is not a news source, is "useful application" that is on the easy-to-see together an article that each company has to offer.
Through [Easy! NewsReader], we would appreciate your news becomes more familiar presence in.
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