Bank Robbery - Grand Theft

パブリッシャー: 1990
評価: 評価がありません
価格: トップ無料


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A cunning burglar enters the city to make a huge loot.
Want to play a role of their or police?
Join this bank robbery game and have fun for free.
Sneak around laser lights, security guards, evade tricky traps and complete your robbery mission.
Combine all wires to make a bomb and make an explosion using bomb to enter locker room of bank.
Choose a right key amongst all the keys and open the locker.
Drag all the money bundles into the bag.
Try to escape from all police, securities and CCTV Cameras and be a criminal expert.
If you failed to do so you will caught red handed by policeman.
How to Play:
=> Scan all bank area to inspect where securities are standing.
=> Enter the van to switch off CCTV Camera.
=> Pass by laser lights.
=> Make a bomb.
=> Find the correct key to open locker.
=> Escape from all cops.

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