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Explore the universe and admire the beauty of distant galaxies located millions of light-years from the Sun. " Calm Galaxy HD " is a real time visualization of giant spiral disk of stars, dust and glowing gases. See the exceptionally colorful galaxy as it's slowly rotates on your screen. Touch the screen to change the perspective and watch the galaxy from different angles. See hundreds of stars orbiting around the galaxy core.
" Calm Galaxy HD " can be quickly and easily customized to your liking. Use home screen widget to access wallpaper settings straight from your home screen. Settings screen is translucent, so you can make changes and see them take effect instantly.
You can enjoy most specially selected default music playlists and change it according to your mood, with consistency of amazing galaxy scene's on which you can select and put the default frame according to your need and environment you can put and change the visual effects of the video from the special effects feature list, in order of getting more comfort you also have brightness control by which you can adjust it to brighter or dim. You have sleep timer which will automatically turn off application when not being used.

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