Angry Dragon Fury Simulator 3D

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Prepare your dragon for an ultimate dragon fight to reclaim your pride. A perfect dragon simulator will take you to the highest level of adrenalin where land and air will be your battle ground.
Now raise your mountain dragon for a one on one dragon fight. The most powerful dragon rampage is destined to bring the dragon warrior to huge skies. The dragon’s job is to terminate castles and villages to move forward against the vicious creatures.
A full thrilling dragon simulator game delivers a genuine 3D effect with exceptional scary sounds. Now is the time to demonstrate no mercy and take control over the dragons’ kingdom. Angry Dragon Simulator also provides a true flight simulation experience with flying dragons and their ultimate rage.
Angry Dragon Simulator is equipped with dominant visuals, lifelike resonances with barbaric setting that produces an enormous thrusting effect. Truly a dragon lovers’ ultimate choice, this game is a perfect game to match instantaneous and dangerous world where gigantic predators is waiting for you to fight the game of life and death.

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