Aqua TV

パブリッシャー: Extra Mile Studios Ltd
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Aqua TV is a stunning, fully customisable, virtual aquarium.
Choose a tank then change the floor, walls, decoration – and of course fish – to make the aquarium YOU want!
All rendered in glorious 3D.
· Beautifully created and animated 3D fish.
· Loads of customisation options to make the tank look just as you want.
· Shuffle mode to switch between multiple tanks at random.
· View tanks from the front, or from above!
· Select from three chilled out soundtracks or use your own playlists.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Aqua TV is REAL computer generated experience. It does not just stream the same videos over and over. As a result, it requires a lot of power and therefore it works best on a Fire TV. It will run on a Fire TV Stick, but you should go to Settings and set FAST for Quality to avoid slow animation issues.
"It’s beautiful... but also fun to build and personalize. Aqua TV is ... a great app to leave on display when you’re sitting in your living room!" - Cult Of Mac

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