Baby Hazel Summer Camp

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Let’s join Baby Hazel and friends to enjoy the most fun-filled camping activities ever!
Get ready for some thrilling adventure with Baby Hazel and friends! This summer vacation, join the kids for outdoor adventure and enjoy fun summer camp activities. Go fishing, explore the jungle to collect wood, light the campfire and roast fish, feast on hearty meal near the campfire, enjoy fun-filled bedtime activities, have a sneak peek into the solar system and a lot more fun-packed camping activities to enjoy and experience.
Summer camp activities to enjoy :
* Pack bags – Help Baby Hazel to pack her picnic bag with all the required essentials
* Campsite clean-up - Have fun making camping site neat and clean
* Set up tent - Help Hazel to set up the tent for a night stay
* Bedtime fun – Assist Hazel in solving an exciting puzzle so that she can win her favorite sleeping bag
* Castle hunt - Grab the key to unlock beautiful castle by finding the hidden objects
* Firewood quest – Visit the jungle with kids to collect wood
* Campsite grills - Build a campfire using sticks and stones to roast fishes. Sit near campfire and enjoy munching roasted fish with kids
* Astronomy delights - Catch a glimpse of sun, moon and other celestial bodies through telescope
* Enjoy the summer camp at a mesmerizing campsites surrounded by lush greenery and scenic beauty! Download and play this Baby Hazel Summer Camp game now!!!

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