Emergency Surgery Simulator - Doctor Game

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The patients are suffering, please give them Emergency Surgery immediately!This free game is very fun.
There are 3 Stages in this game:
Stage 1 - Car Accident
Lisa has a car accident and her nose and legs are injured. Please call 911 and get an ambulance. She needs Emergency Surgery right now! This is not just a kids game, but also adult like to play fun games.There are 5 parts in this stage:
• Car Accident
• Emergency treatment in the ambulance
• Surgery Preparation
• Nose Emergency Surgery
• Leg Emergency Surgery
Stage 2 - Pregnant Mommy’s Accident
Emily is going to give birth in a month. But she fell down while walking and she is bleeding right now! Please get an ambulance and take her to the hospital! She needs s caesarean now.There are many most fun game in it. There are 5 parts in this stage:
• Accident of the pregnant mommy
• Emergency treatment in the ambulance
• Surgery Preparation
• Caesarean
• Treatment after the surgery
Stage 3 - Gunshot
Jack is a police officer and he was shot by a robber. He is dying and he needs surgery right now! Please help him get an ambulance and take him to the hospital. Please save him! But also very suitable for girls game.There are 4 parts in this stage:
• Gunshot
• Emergency treatment in the ambulance
• Surgery Preparation
• Emergency Surgery
Could you please save all of them?
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