Talking Unicorn

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Make friends with the cute talking unicorn, and the two of you will have a blast spending time together. Being very smart, he can repeat everything you say to him. Listen to your own words in a funny voice and you will be laughing so much. If you poke his leg, he will start jumping, and when you get to know each other a little better, he will show you some dance moves. So many fun activities are waiting for you, like playing the latest mini games, or listening to the cool talking unicorn play the flute or the trumpet. This being is living in an enchanted land far away and is willing to show you the interior of his home. The living room is furnished according to the latest style, and little fairy is there to keep him company. If you tap on her, she will spread the magic dust all over the place. You should help this creature from the fairy-tales brush his teeth and have a shower. He takes a lot of care about his hygiene, and that is why the bathroom is of high importance to him. Make your children happy by downloading for free the newest Talking Unicorn game for them. This will be an easy way for them to learn to count until ten.
• Talk to your new friend, the unicorn, and he will repeat what you have said
• Collect coins by playing mini games and you will open the locked rooms
• Poke his leg or slap him until he sees stars
• Take your best pal to the gym or have a blast together in the playground
• Help the unicorn keep his hygiene and he will play some instrument for you
After a long and exhausting day, your best buddy, the top talking unicorn, needs to get his beauty sleep. Tap on the fairy playing a flute and the light will turn off immediately. It is so cute how he snores! If you want to enter all the rooms of this huge house, then you should collect as many coins as you can. The next room is a playground. It is a beautiful yard in front of the house. Check out how much fun is jumping on the trampoline. Here the talking unicorn is playing with his favorite ball. This being from an enchanted land has decided that it is the right time to lose some weight, and that is why he has a home gym. There he runs or walks on the treadmill. If you want, you can adjust the speed for him.
How funny is that this talking unicorn farts? He is so interesting, and within the popular Talking Unicorn app, you have got so many awesome mini games that you can play while waiting in the queue or lying around on the couch. For starters, there is the newest Bugs Killer, where you should assist the masked boy in wiping out all the disgusting insects. If you are craving for the rush of adrenaline, then we are certainly recommending you the top Tiles Run, where your job will be to tap all the lit tiles as fast as you can. If you want to check what you have remembered from your school days, you should definitely try the latest Cowboy Math Survive. The vicious enemies, like eagles, are trying to prevent him from accomplishing the mission of calculating everything correctly, but you will help him, right? You will be surprised so much when you check out the best Make Runners Safe app, since there are two or three heroes going at the same time after their mission. Also, if you like, a cute little animal from the forest would use your help. She is trying to collect all the hazelnuts and to jump all over to the highest grid. Play the cool Clever Squirrel Jump, and try to get the highest score. A whole barrel of fun is waiting for you if you grab your smartphone or tablet and download this incredible and mind-blowing Talking Unicorn game.

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