Race to White House - Trump vs Hillary 3D Simulator

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It’s the battle of the Presidents to be – Trump Vs Hillary! And you get to choose the winner. Be a part of their journey, help your president reach their final destination- The White House!
Trump Vs Hillary – Who is your choice?
Drive your President candidate to victory, while helping them beat stress, impressing the crowd, reaching important investor meetings in time and much more!
Along with 70 levels of crazy driving in 16 awesome cars, select your favorite President and drive with them. From their every day chores to attending important meetings, be a part of your Presidential candidate’s journey, and drive them to the White House. Don’t forget to enjoy the hilarious Trump Vs Hillary banter!
Download Race to White House – Trump Vs Hillary 3D Simulator @Games2Win from the Amazon App Store Store and let the fun begin!
Race to White House – Trump Vs Hillary Features:
A Driving Game With A Twist:
- Drive around the palatial White House!
- Select your president – Trump or Hillary?
- 60 challenging driving levels to ensure the win of your selected President
- 10 levels driving to the White House with the President and living the lavish life!
- Unlock 15 new cars through the game, including Presidential State Car, The Beast.
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