Snow Zone - Fell the snow in the middle of summers

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There is something about the winters that awakens the cozy feelings in the environment, calms your mind and put your body to ease. When the snowfall adds a perfect beauty to your surroundings and creates a pleasant effect. Snow Zone brings the same feelings of winters and snowfall for you in the middle of summers so you can enjoy the winters anytime anywhere. Snow Zone features various views of snow fall and snowstorm in different settings. The dark woods are even darker now as the snow starts to cover the barren trees or switch to the other scene of dark trees where the lights passes through them and lighten up the view. To get a more lively view of the snowfall switch to the scene of land, trees and mountains covered with snow and the wooden cottage enjoying the snow breeze. The app is loaded with variety of features to enhance the effect of winters, set background music for the app according to the environment or you can even choose music tracks from your library according to your preferences (For kindle fire users). You can also set frames and overlays to change the theme of the app. Or set a sleep timer if you want to fall asleep under the blanket of snow and the app will shut down itself.

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