Crazy BBQ Backyard Party

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It is the best time for throwing an amazing backyard barbeque party for your family and friends! Get your BBQ grill out, and start cooking up some tasty treats. Chicken Skewers, Stick, Lamb Chops, Sausage°≠Feeling hungry? Now come to our BBQ Party! Food is waiting!
How to play:
- Invite your family and friends over for a start of backyard BBQ party
- Start making from pick skewer or barbecue to grill
- Choose whatever you like & as many foods as you want to create the delicious kebab.
- Mix all the ingredients to go with the barbecue foods.
- Tap to grill your food. Be careful not to burn it.
- Choose kinds of foods to combine the BBQ feast. Sweet desserts, Yummy sauces and other delicious food. Oh, Don't forget to pick the drinks.
- Tap to enjoy the feast and take a photo to show to the best friends and family.
- Have a wonderful night with friends and family.
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