Dinosaur Chess: Learn to Play!

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** Previously nominated for a BAFTA (Best Interactive Media)! **
** Appysmarts.com: 97/100 EDITOR'S FAVORITE!
Dinosaur Chess is the fun way to learn and play chess. Designed to be non-intimidating:
• Learn how to play chess with 11 bite-sized interactive lessons.
• Over 20 mini games and puzzles.
• Play simplified and full chess against 6 beautifully animated dinosaurs.
• Entertaining and challenging.
• Learning and playing chess encourage concentration, improves cognitive abilities and rational thinking.
• Can now play as a Boy Student or as a Girl Student.
• Multi-student support
For more advanced learners:
• 8 chess Tactics lessons.
• The 'Amazing Chess Tactics Machine' game to practice chess tactics/puzzles.
• Chess Engine can be set to Easy/Medium/Hard
Sign up to Professor MacDinosaur's chess class. You will grow from a hatchling, fresh from the egg, to a huge dinosaur ready to take on the Trex.
The action takes you through different parts of the dinosaur's world from jungles to forests. Here you learn the chess skills that will help you grow enough to defeat the other dinosaurs in battle.

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