Ark Survival: Evolved Dino Island 3D

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Welcome to Ark Survival: Evolved Dino Island 3D --- the game about prehistoric Jurassic world full of amazing creatures - Dinosaurs!
Your main goal is to survive in difficult conditions! You are just usual human surrounded by hungry and dangerous dynos! You can even meet the largest and strongest dino here -- T-Rex!
So craft weapon, build the shelter and try to survive as long as possible in this mythic place!
Ark Survival: Evolved Dino Island 3D features:
- Survival missions in lost island full of angry monsters - Dinosaurs
- High-quality 3d models of dinos and their leader T-Rex
- Many ways to craft weapon and ark
Take your handmade weapon and start this dino hunting challenge! Kill as many dinos as you can. Survive and win all the dinosaurs and even T-Rex!

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