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City Train Driving Simulator

パブリッシャー: UBM Technologies
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Good morning young driver. Today’s task will be a simple drive test to measure your train driving skill is. Navigate your city train through waypoints, making it to station by braking precisely. Don’t mess up and you will be ready for bigger rides ahead.
City Train Driving 3D Simulator gets supersonically realistic, as a fresh driver gets the train driving experience through the drifts & turns of suburbs. Based on 5 driving simulator levels, players will start as a rookie driver with basic drive simulator 3d and parking tasks, with complex locations and objectives awaiting in the later levels to earn your train driving simulator license.
- Ultra realistic Train Driving 3D Simulator gameplay
- Slider or train speed adjustment and disc brake simulator controller
- Lush city station environment with highly detailed bridges, flyovers and skyscrapers
- Five levels with increasing difficulty as you progress further
There is also an emergency push controller to apply disc brakes to the city train, if the train speed gets out of control. Keep an eye out for the destinations, as you will be prompted to speed down to arrive on station. Overshoot the station, and you will have a number of frustrated passengers and a termination letter of your driver license at your disposal!

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