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Who is your secret crush? How are you feeling today? Who is your perfect match? Every girl has a dreaming diary for herself. Ava got a crush on her classmate Nate and wrote all her little secret in the magic diary! But she didn’t know how to tell Nate her feeling. This is her first love! Let’s help the sweetheart rewrite her destiny by dressing and styling her for Nate’s birthday party! Don't forget to lock your diary so no one can peek inside! Shhhhh...
How to play:
- Use interactive controls to play the game
- Use the key unlock the diary and start the game
- Take different beauty work for knitting, makeup, hair salon, dress up and love letter make
- Stylish Ava with endless choices with beauty tools as you want
- Various fabrics and patterns to make a knitting gift for Ava’s crush
- Write secret love letter, stamp it and send it to sweet Nate
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