Yokai GO

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Yokai GO is a Kids game (loved by everyone!) inspired by Yokais, monsters, spirits and demons straight out of japan's folklore.
Help Nathan reach the target: shoot and vanish all the great spirits of the Yokais: Kappa, Tanuki, Yuki Onna and Tengu, as well as Ghosts and Neko. There is a wide variety of Yokais in Japanese mythology: Yokai is a vague term that can come to understand virtually all the monsters and supernatural beings, even creatures of western mythology.
How to play Yokai GO:
Move your finger on the right side of the screen to move Nathan up and down. Press fire button to use both ability of Nathan.
- Orange bullet can only explode balloon to activate Yokai Power
- Azure bullet vanish Yokai enemy (some enemy need more bullet).
Buy additional Yokais power in the shop by in app purchase or watching video.
DISCLAIMER: this game is not related in any way with Yo-Kai Watch. Characters and Yokai seen in this game are all original artworks based on Japan's folklore stories.

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