Angry Stick Fighter 2017

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Fight with evils stickman & defeat, grab and mark your territory.
Be a super stickman fighter & mark your territory by defeating your rivals!
The stickman has to mark his territory in super awesome blocky environment. Some fighters have been entered in his city for grabbing. You are going to help the stickman in his fighting with his rivals. Each territory is full of stick fighters and you have to fight with them. At times, more than one fighter will attack on you so you have to save yourself and attack them with super kicks & punches.
You also have to take into account your energy level. Your energy level will decrease when your enemies hit you. Use the block feature to save yourself from their attacks.
Mega attack and combo attack features are there to help you in your fighting mission. Use your power and energy wisely and save your area from fighters. Keep hitting the fighters until their energy level become zero. More fighters will come on each next level. Use your amazing fighting actions to win the fight and save your territory.
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